TWSBI Eco Clear Fountain Pen


The TWSBI Eco is a fantastic everyday writing pen, with so many well though out details. Beginning with the cap, you'll find a secure inner cap to protect your pen and stop overzealous tightening. The barrel of the pen is facetted to stop it rolling away and off the table when pausing in your writing. The clear barrel also means you can see the clever inner workings of the pen, as well as easily see your current ink level and colour. The piston filling mechanism is incredibly easy to use - simply dip the nib of your pen into your ink, twist the end to fill and you pen will be ready to write.

For more than half a century, TWSBI have been crafting pens for renowned global brands, an experience that inspired them to launch their own brand. As experts in the field of pens, their mission revolves around creating the highest quality pens while maintaining affordability.

  • Clear barrel
  • Fine nib
  • Piston ink-filling mechanism
  • Comes with a bottle of silicone grease and wrench for disassembly

Remember - with these pens you won't need cartridges, instead select from our range of bottle fountain pen inks to fill the pen.