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Bespoke design and print.

We create unique business cards, personal stationery, note cards, wedding stationery and event invitations on two Heidelberg Windmill printing presses from the 1960s. These two beasts create beautiful, textured print, using the oldest of the print techniques.

We pride ourselves on being an utterly bespoke design and printing service, meaning if you have an idea for a print project we can make it come to life. With our expert knowledge of design, print, and stationery etiquette, our small team will guide you through each step in the process from the initial idea right through to completion.

While we prefer to meet you in person to discuss your project, we can happily work with clients remotely if you are based further afield. Get in touch below to discuss your requirements.

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What is Letterpress?

Letterpress is the oldest traditional print method, dating from 1450. Originally, letterpress printing used individual, moveable type, physically set together in a form to create a block of text. The surface of the raised type was then inked, and paper applied to it, making a print.  Johannes Gutenberg is the popular Western inventor of the print method, though moveable type was used in China as early as 1040 AD. Gutenberg's letterpress success brought a revolution to the masses, meaning books could be mass-produced.

Traditional letterpress uses as little ink on the type as possible and barely touches the paper, giving a 'kiss' impression and crisp finish. As newer, more advanced and efficient print methods became popular, letterpress printing had to evolve.

We are a modern letterpress studio, meaning we take advantage of the texture that can be created using the press. By tweaking the numerous settings we create a debossed, indented texture to each print. It's this texture that saved letterpress printing, and that we love to feel - making a flat sheet into a sculpture.


How does bespoke ordering work?

All our bespoke projects start with a consultation, either in person (much preferred) or over the phone. An in person consultation means you can peruse our books for inspiration of previous real-life projects we've made. I'll ask you all the right questions to get to the heart of what you are looking for in your printed project. To proceed with an order we take a deposit of 50%. We can then get to work on the design.

We create artwork, calligraphy, and illustration in-house, and love to let our experience team up with your ideas. Generally we like to provide two proof options, which means you can see some variations if you like. Proofs are emailed as a pdf, so you can see the size, check the text and see the approximate colours before we proceed to print. We like to allow 1-2 weeks for the first proof, though this does depend on how complex or intricate the project is.

Once we receive approval from you, we'll get to work bringing your project to life on the printing presses. Timings vary for each project, though on average we advise allowing 3-4 weeks. All our print projects are completed and packed by the Meticulous Ink Team. The balance of your order is then paid on collection or before delivery. You take home your delightful printed goods with joy in your heart.

How much does it cost?

As everything we create is utterly bespoke, every detail makes a difference to the cost - from the thickness of the card to the number of colours, to the size and the shape. For this reason we don't have an online price list. We price fairly for the amount of time, skill, attention to detail and knowledge that we put into each and every project. As a very rough guide we've included approximate starting costs in some of the projects below.