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Coaching for artists and creatives to thrive.

Need an overhaul for your creative business?

It's time to stop playing small

If you are fed up of squashing your creativity and want to turn your creative talents into a real, thriving business, then you need a plan and someone that knows how to get you there - a magic potion of creativity & practical guidance. Creative Elixir is made for you - artists & creatives ready to take the next step to make and grow a thriving business.

Creative Elixir Business Coaching options


The best way to get you unstuck - receive focused, one-on-one guidance from me with regular private coaching sessions. We'll work through your challenges and create practical steps to get you on the path to growth and success.

Group Coaching

Join the Creative Elixir group sessions for an intensive week of focused support to get you unstuck. We'll work together to break down your overwhelm into bite-sized actions and transform you from where you are to where you want to be.

Reviews from coaching clients
Reviews from coaching clients
"I felt that you really heard what I was saying and were able to help me understand how I could overcome certain obstacles. Your support, enthusiasm and encouragement has been like having my own personal cheerleader!"
— Annie Wallis
Reviews from coaching clients
"You're a great coach… having a creative business yourself really helped me feel like you could relate to my struggles and offer insight based on your own experience and successes much better than someone in a completely different field might."
— Trudy Shard
Reviews from coaching clients
Athena is a great active listener and made sure to understand the true context around where I am on my creative business journey, asking appropriate questions until the issues were fully identified.
— Rachael Moon

Why Choose Me

Having come from humble beginnings, I know what it's like to grow a business from scratch. I've been through tough times and Meticulous Ink has flourished - my proof that you can grow and maintain a creative business.

• Opened in 2010 with a business loan, three credit cards and my life savings.

• Stocked in Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, Anthropologie & Selfridges.

• Collaborations with Anthropologie, Burberry and Mulberry.

• Running retail, bespoke, wholesale, online and manufacturing simultaneously.

• Survived and thrived through the pandemic.

• Winner of the People's Choice in the Independent Awards 2020.

• Certified Business Coach with both practical and mindset focus for creative entrepreneurs.

You can earn a living doing what you love.

I know the feeling well - you are a creative that dreams of earning a living from selling their art, the items your pour your soul and creativity into. You have an insatiable desire to make - to use your imagination and creative skills to carve beautiful things into existence.

Perhaps you are held in the fear of the unknown, having hidden this desire to make for so long, now stuck in a 'normal' job to pay the bills. Perhaps you are too scared that your creative passion won't earn enough to make a living. Perhaps you are already making and are overwhelmed, unable to choose the next best step for fear of making a mistake. I know that feeling and it's so easy to get trapped there, making no progress whatsoever.

If you are ready to make a big change then this is for you. It's time to overhaul your mindset and get you on a practical path to earning money from your creativity.