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If you are fed up of squashing your creativity and want to turn your creative talents into a real, thriving business, then you need a plan and someone that knows how to get you there - a magic potion of creativity & practical guidance. Creative Elixir is made for you - artists & creatives ready to take the next step to make a thriving business.

Creative Elixir

Time to start that dream

Introducing: Creative Elixir

Group Coaching for creative folk

This three month program will get you unstuck and on the right path to earning a living and a life from your beautiful creative business. You'll receive real-world guidance and advice from me, along with practical steps to put into action. You'll feel more confident in your planning as well as having the accountability to achieve your big goals - turn that New Year momentum into action, with me to guide you every step of the way.

You can earn a living doing what you love.

I know the feeling well - you are a creative that dreams of earning a living from selling their art, the items your pour your soul and creativity into. You have an insatiable desire to MAKE. To use your imagination and creative skills to carve beautiful things into existence.

Perhaps you are held in the fear of the unknown, having hidden this desire to make for so long, now stuck in a 'normal' job to pay the bills. Perhaps you are too scared that your creative passion won't earn enough to make a living. Perhaps you are already making and have plateaued, unable to see what the next best step is to grow your fledgling business into something sustainable. It sucks, doesn't it?

If you are ready to make a big change then this is for you. It's time to overhaul your mindset and get you on a practical path to earning money from your creativity. Countless people have done it, including me. I'm going to show you how.

What is Creative Elixir?

1. Group Coaching

Over the next three months you'll be part of three group coaching calls, where I'll be leading specific sessions around mindset, planning and consistency. Have a specific, burning question that you need help with? Here is where you can get answers from me as specific as you like around your current challenges and hurdles. I'm here to get you earning from your creativity.

2. Quarterly Planner

If you are anything like me, you prefer a physical journal or sketchbook to pour out your best ideas. You'll receive one of our physical journals in the post to plan your next three months, so you can get focused on what's important, figure out your goals, and be able to fulfil your wildest dreams, one practical step at a time.

3. Group Access

You'll be part of the first cohort group, where you can get to know a small group of creatives on the same path as you. There is nothing like being able to open up about your business worries or creative concerns with folk that really get it. This is where you can float ideas, get feedback or share your wins with people that really care and want to celebrate with you.

Creative Elixir

What else is included:

• Within each coaching call you'll receive specific action steps, created to get you moving towards your major goals.

• Accountability to achieve those goals thanks to this certified business coach.

• A cheerleader in your corner to get you through that negative self-talk and to boost your confidence.

• A physical planner full of simple, easy to follow directions to help focus that beautiful creativity in practical ways.

• A plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the next three months.

The Creative Elixir Quarterly Planner

You'll receive our physical Quarterly Planner, a spacious B5 book full of guidance to get you focused on achieving your goals over the next three months.

Part One
  • The Five Whys
  • Looking Backwards
  • Looking Forwards
Part Two
  • The Brain Dump
  • What's Your Focus?
  • Goal Deconstruction
Part Three
  • Celebrations
  • Important Before Urgent
  • Execution
  • Annual
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
Personalised Guidance

Creative Elixir One-on-one

If you are utterly dedicated to changing the course of your creative life right now, then one-on-one coaching is for you. As well as all the benefits of the Creative Elixir group coaching and quarterly planner, you'll have six fortnightly sessions with me, one-on-one to get strategic and specific. We'll work together to move you past mindset blocks and get hyper-focused on your goals.

Each session will include action steps for you to complete within your business, your money and your mindset to point you in the right direction. I'll hold you accountable and you'll have the space to share your thoughts and feelings privately with me. You'll have all my years of experience, my business coaching certification and my deepest support to get you earning what you absolutely deserve in your creative business.

One-on-one coaching is very limited. Click below to find out more.

Reviews from recent clients
Reviews from recent clients
"I felt that you really heard what I was saying and were able to help me understand how I could overcome certain obstacles. Your support, enthusiasm and encouragement has been like having my own personal cheerleader!"
— Annie Wallis
Reviews from recent clients
I'm feeling much more confident that it is possible to grow (or even change) in whatever direction I need to start improving and succeeding with my business plans.
— Anonymous
Reviews from recent clients
Athena is a great active listener and made sure to understand the true context around where I am on my creative business journey, asking appropriate questions until the issues were fully identified.
— Rachael Moon
Creative Elixir Business Coaching

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About me

I’ve always been interested in changing my story. I've lived in poverty in the past, with no running hot water or heating through much of my childhood. My Mum often left personal growth and entrepreneurship books around the house for me to find, and I’d inevitably read them, soaking up new ways of thinking and opening my mind to the option of running my own business.

I’m a strong believer that we are all creative in unique ways, and that every artist that has that desire to make, to create, can earn a living from their art.

I opened Meticulous Ink in 2010 with a business loan, three credit cards and my life savings. I knew down to the core of my being that it would work, and have learned many lessons along the way, all while building a beautiful, creative life for myself.

I want to help other artists and creatives just like you to reach that goal - to grow your business so that you can create a beautiful, creative life beyond your wildest dreams.