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Here are some of our most asked questions:
Do you still use those machines?
Yes! If visiting our tiny shop you'll see our two 1960s Heidelberg Windmill printing presses in situ. We use both of them to print all our stationery, greetings cards, and the invitations and bespoke orders too. One is the original, which uses ink to print. The other we've had adapted to do hot foiling.
Can you give me a rough quote?
Umm…no. As everything we create is utterly and completely bespoke, we don't like to give rough quotes. Every detail can change the price, thus we always recommend booking an appointment or giving us a call to discuss the details of your project. From there we can give you a more accurate quote.
Is the parking outside your shop free?
The parking outside is not free. There are two parking meters in either direction and our shop is between them. Parking wardens are very good at their jobs in Bath.
If you have a question then do ask: