Tom's Studio Flourish Curve Oblique Nib Holder

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The tippy top of nib holders, the Flourish Curve Oblique Nib Holder by Tom's Studio brings beauty and ingenuity to your calligraphy.

As no two calligraphers are the same, these nib holders are designed to give you all the customisation you could need. The brass flange holds any standard nib easily and can hold smaller and thinner nibs too. Each holder also comes with a tiny allen key that you can use to alter the angle of the nib to suit your style and the way you personally hold the pen. It's so clever!

Available in matt black or two hand dip dyed colours, each pen is machined from aluminium and brass to give you a satisfying weight and perfectly balanced centre of gravity in your hand.

• Measures 160x10mm at the grip section.

• Individually hand dip dyed.

• Brass flange.

• Alter the angle of the nib and use different size nibs.

• Comes in a beautiful gift box.