Stationery Christmas Cracker



Start your Christmas with a bang with out stationery Christmas crackers! We've filled each cracker with a collection of stationery treats that will entertain you through the festive season, including a vintage pen, a Meticulous Ink pencil, an adorable rubber, a butterfly paper clip and a box of old-school pin tacks. Enjoy this delightful tradition, complete with cracker bang, cheesy joke and paper hat.

Each of our crackers is hand made with stationery love and available in a choice of three vibrant colours with a contrasting satin ribbon. Each cracker's contents will vary as the contents are limited edition, so collect them all to give to your family and friends at the dinner table.

Inside each cracker you'll find:

• B grade pencil - assorted colours

• Vintage pen - assorted

• Rubber - assorted

• Butterfly paper clip

• Box of pin tacks - assorted colours

• Hilarious joke!

• Paper hat

Our crackers can be bought individually for £10 each or get one of each colour for £25.

**International Shipping**

Please note that cracker snaps are prohibited from being shipped internationally from the UK. If you order for delivery overseas, you will receive your crackers without the snap.