Meticulous Ink Pencils - Plain


Introducing our very own Meticulous Ink pencils!

Available in 5 colourways, choose from a single pencil or a pack of five featuring all the barrel colours, housed in meticulous paper packaging which has been foil printed, die cut and hand folded at our shop in Bath.

Available colours:

  • Azure Blue
  • Neon Watermelon
  • Marrs Green
  • Citrine
  • Midnight Blue

The pencils are grade B, perfect for drawing, writing and lettering. Entirely made in the UK, each pencil has a hand-dipped end. They come pre-sharpened with subtle branding foil printed on one side.

For an extra special touch, have a look at our personalised pencils and personalised 5 pack! You can personalise your pencils with beautiful foil printed text, handmade to order. Add your name, a favourite quote, a message... With an option for both right handers and left handers, we will then typeset your chosen text and print it onto your pencil!