Kaweco Sport Piston Filler

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A pen we've been waiting for, the utterly gorgeous Kaweco Sport Piston Filler combines the compact style of the Sport pen with the clever mechanics of a piston filler. 

Th original Kaweco Sport Piston Filler was first available in 1937 under the name 612. After a long hiatus the team have been working on it behind the scenes to improve the design and bring it up to date.

The new Kaweco Sport Piston Filler features a black anodised aluminium body, so it has an incredibly pleasing texture (not too smooth and not too textured) that adds a tactility to it that makes you want to hold the pen. It being made in aluminium means it has a subtle weight to it that adds to the luxurious feel. Paired with metallic gold accents and a built in pen clip, this is an utterly beautiful pen.

Filling the pen is easy thanks to the cleve piston mechanism. Simply remove the end cap, submerge the cap of the pen in your chosen ink, and twist. Though it's one of the smallest piston filling pens available, it holds more ink than a standard cartridge, meaning you'll have plenty of ink for all your musings. The transparent window makes it easy to see how much ink you have left so won't get caught short.

It features the iconic octagonal screw-close cap so your pen won't roll away when placed on your desk. Using the same classic design since 1935, the pen's clean features will never go out of style.

  • Aluminium barrel with matt black anodised finish
  • Shiny gold accents and nib
  • Piston filling
  • Transparent window to see ink capacity
  • Use with any fountain pen ink - try our Herbin range
  • Beautifully presented in a round display tin

This pen comes fitted with a Medium nib.