Blackwing Volumes Vol.192 The Lennon & McCartney Pencil

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Blackwing pencils are famous for their quality of graphite, craftsmanship and iconic shape. Each quarter a special, limited edition set of pencils is released with a unique design.

Blackwing 192 is a tribute to Lennon and McCartney and the estimated 192 songs they wrote together. The colour prism design depicts the convergence of two powerful creative forces. A different Lennon-McCartney lyric is foil stamped on each pencil, for a total of twelve different lyrics in the set. Includes extra-firm graphite.

The rubbers can be swapped out, perfect for when one needs replacing, or just to change up the colour. Rubbers available in packs of 10.

Have a look at the Blackwing Point Guard to protect your pencil tips and keep those pencil cases clean!