An array of Kaweco Sport fountain pens, available to purchase at Meticulous InkThe humble fountain pen. The simplest and easiest way to magically improve your handwriting. Writing with a fountain pen is just that bit more special than with a ball point.

At Meticulous Ink we currently stock the very delightful Kaweco range of Perkeo and Sport fountain pens. These are small and designed for neat portability. The Kaweco range of pen take international standard cartridges - those are the small, pre-filled cartridges that generally come in blue or black ink.

They also accept cartridge converters. These are refillable cartridges, meaning you can select from a much wider range of bottled ink and get much more specific about the colour you prefer. Using a converter is also a little kinder to the environment, as once it's empty you can rinse it and refill with a whole new colour.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pens

Not all pens are created equal of course. Many don't accept international standard cartridges or converters, and will only function with their own brand cartridges. I've put together a handy chart showing the popular makes and what they like. This does vary depending on the specific model of the pen, so if in doubt it's best to check with the manufacturer.

Which fountain pens use standard cartridges?

Athena Cauley-Yu
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