Hello lovely humans.

I hope you are well out there. We are on the brink of lockdown here in the UK, with Boris Johnson having closed restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars already. I've been pushing all of our online stationery loveliness in readiness for the inevitable moment when the shop will have to close for a while. I know many many people are already staying at home.

As lots of you have been requesting some online calligraphy guidance, I thought I'd put together a list of our YouTube tutorials that you can watch while in isolation, to get your copperplate style calligraphy looking AMAZING while also keeping your mind occupied.

Here they are in order!

Here's the lower case:

Then the upper case:

 Then we have the entire alphabet - you can pause and skip to find the letter you're looking for.


And a little bonus for you - Ampersands!

I hope you are all safe and well, keeping your distance and looking after yourselves.

Sending stationery love,


Athena Cauley-Yu


Lovely tutorials – truly inspiring. If I wanted to buy a ‘starter pack’ as a gift for a friend, what would you recommend? Thank you

— jo Clarke