Kaweco Liliput Fireblue Fountain Pen

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The Kaweco Liliput - a beautiful metal fountain pen for a lifetime. Slim and elegant with a weighty feel compared to the Sport, but lighter than the Supra. 

This hand finished fountain pen has a varied blue / purple / copper tones as each one being tempered by blowtorch, which hardens the steel while also giving it this unique colouring. This process makes no two pens exactly alike, giving each pen it's own completely unique, ombre blue finish.

Petite, like the Kaweco Sport, the lid screws neatly closed, but when uncapped sits comfortably in the hand. The beautiful Bock nib is made from stainless steel,  with the choice of Fine or Medium nib, as you prefer. This pen is truly a pleasure to use.

  • Also available in Silver, Copper, or Brass
  • Measures 96mm closed / 125mm with cap posted
  • Currently available in Medium nib size 
  • Presented in a metal gift tin