Vintage Nib Selection


The Meticulous Ink Vintage Nib Selection is a carefully selected pack of 5 unique vintage nibs, selected from Athena's own collection. Presented on a gloriously foiled display card printed on our 1960 Original Heidelberg press. 

Inside the vintage nib selection pack, you'll find:

  • 5 vintage nibs: Post Pen No. 134, No. 156, 29 Extra Fine, Sphere Pointed No.357 and Medium Point No 6. These have been chosen from Athena's own vintage nib collection and are all flexible nibs suitable for copperplate style calligraphy. 
  • 1 description sheet introducing each nib and what it's best at, a little about its background and some sample lines.
  • 1 information sheet explaining different methods for preparing your nib, from using toothpaste to a potato. 

Each vintage nib selection comes packaged in a hand tissue lined oyster envelope. Choose from a plain envelope or personalised with a hand lettered name on the front with black ink. 

The nibs all fit standard nib holders, such as our straight nib holder or oblique holder.

This is an ideal set for anyone wanting to try a different and more unusual nib. It makes an excellent gift for a budding calligrapher and for anyone that has completed one of our workshops, or as an accompaniment to our Copperplate Calligraphy Starter Kit. You might like to also try our original Nib Selection, which uses new contemporary nibs.