Tom's Studio Spark Semi Flex Fountain Pen

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A beautiful, UK made fountain pen with a semi flexible 14k gold plated nib - the Spark pen by Tom's Studio is a masterpiece and utter delight to use. They've taken all the best bits of a calligraphy dip pen and applied them to this super slick fountain pen.

The smooth metal barrel creates comfort in its weight - not too heavy and not too light. Choose from matt black, Mulberry or Ivy. Each pen has a fine semi flexible nib, meaning you can add pressure on the down stroke as you would with a calligraphy nib for that copperplate style look.

The pen comes with a cartridge converter so you can use your choice of fountain pen ink. We'd suggest Herbin or Ferris Wheel Press ink. You'll find the packaging is just as wonderful and clever as the pen. A smart gold foiled box with watercolour wrap and most pleasing folded paper inner holds the pen securely, with all the instructions included to use the pen at its best.

• Measures 145mm capped, 160mm posted (with the lid on the end of the pen) and 127mm unposted.

• 14k gold plated nib.

• The nib will flex from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

• Made from solid aluminium and brass using precision CNC lathes.

• Durable and made to last a lifetime.