Kaweco Cleansing Syringe

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A handy tool to keep all your Kaweco fountain pens clean and free of clogs. 

An empty cartridge is fitted to the plastic syringe with a small rubber hose. The syringe applies optimum pressure to flush out any impurities from the nib and feed, pushing out any ink residue and any particles that had been blocking the flow of ink. Also very handy when swapping to a different colour. 

To use, remove your cartridge or converter and insert the empty cartridge of the syringe into your pen. Make sure the plunger is all the way down and submerge the nib and feed in a container of water. Draw water into the pen by pulling up the plunger, then push down on the plunger to flush the inky water out. Repeat until the water runs clear, changing the water as often as needed. 

Compatible with other fountain pens with standard European fitting.