Tom's Studio One Dip Wonder


Having to constantly re-dip your nib into your ink can be a little tiresome. The One Dip Wonder will change all that. 

Combining the perfect size spring with a tiny yet powerful neodymium magnet, the One Dip Wonder creates a reusable and removable reservoir on the underside of your calligraphy nib.

Simply place it on the underside of your nib directly beneath the vent (that's the hole in your nib). Dip into your ink as you normally would, making sure you submerge the One Dip Wonder ink the ink too, then write to your hearts content. This fantastic reservoir will hold 5 to 7 times more ink than your nib alone.

• Made with a tiny spring and powerful neodymium magnet.

• Works best with straight nibs.

• Please note - the One Dip Wonder does not work with certain Finetec colours due to the magnet.

We strongly advise rinsing the One Dip Wonder once you have finished using it, then dry thoroughly. Do this carefully - be sure not to drop it down the plug hole.