Tombow ABT Dual Tip Brush Pen


The Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen has a soft, loosely packed nylon brush tip on one end and a firm fineliner tip on the other, perfect for a combination of brush lettering, colour filling and line drawings.

With a fast ink flow and a very flexible brush tip, they are ideal for modern calligraphy styles, particularly at medium to larger sizes. Great for brush lettering, "fauxligraphy", sketching, doodling, bullet journaling, doodling and much more. 

Available in a huge range of colours from beautifully vibrant (Rhodamine!), to deep classics (Hunter Green) to softly delicate (Mint), the ABT dual tip brush pen also comes as a colourless blender brush which can be used to create fantastic ombre and rainbow effects, as well as blending your own shade of colour.

Water based, odourless and non-toxic.