Nib Type

Browse our selection of calligraphy nibs, all which fit standard nib holders such as the straight nib holder, oblique holder, or make your very own nib holder using a ferrule!

Have a look through the images for a sample sheet of how each nib writes.

  • Blue Pumpkin Nib (Brause Steno No.361): Our favourite flexible copperplate nib, able to produce fine lines and sumptuous thick ones too just by adding more pressure. Known as a Blue Pumpkin due to its rounded shape and blue colour, this nib is perfect for copperplate calligraphy, for beginners as well as pros. If you've completed one of our Copperplate Calligraphy workshops you'll be familiar with this lovely nib. It lasts really well with our Meticulous Iron Gall Ink.
  • Drawing Nib: This drawing nib has a similar flex to the Blue Pumpkin nib, but a little sharper.
  • Shakespeare Nib: Channel your inner Shakespeare with this pointed nib featuring an image of the famous playwright. Medium flex.
  • Extra Fine Principal Nib: This nib has a beautifully fine tip and accentuated flex, perfect for smaller sized work. It also has a uniquely shaped reservoir.
  • Cito Fein 0.3mm Nib: This fine ballpoint nib is perfect for smoother writing. It is similar to a standard fountain pen nib, but with a little more flexibility. Shaped with a hollow, built-in reservoir and golden finish.
  • Schulerfeder Nib: A very sharp point, excellent for fine lines. It also holds ink very well, meaning you don't have to dip in your ink as often.  
  • School Nib: A ballpointed nib with minimal flexibility, perfect for everyday writing.
  • General Nib: A good everyday copperplate nib with subtle flexibility.
  • Index Nib: A little firmer than the Blue Pumpkin, resulting a script that looks tighter and more refined. The wonderfully quirky pointing finger is an excellent added bonus. Use with FineTec metallic inks for a shimmery, delicate look.
  • Ornamental 2.5mm Nib: A nib with a chunky, round 2.5mm diameter tip. Perfect for contemporary monoline styles and larger work, it makes writing look incredibly cute. The nib has a reservoir to help hold ink for longer while you write. Works best on slightly smoother paper.
  • Ornamental 1mm Nib: A nib with a round 1mm diameter tip. Best on slightly smoother paper, it writes a soft monoline that is perfect for a more casual, informal look.  
  • Italic 1.5mm Nib: A chisel edged nib by Brause perfect for italic, gothic and old english styles of calligraphy. Please note this isn't a flexible nib, so not suitable for copperplate calligraphy.  
  • Nikko G Nib: A medium flexible nib, very slightly firmer than the Blue Pumpkin and with very crisp, incredibly fine lines perfect for copperplate and modern calligraphy, as well as drawing. Particularly lovely to use with Dr Ph. Martin's Iridescent calligraphy inks.