Kaweco Supra Brass Fountain Pen


The Kaweco Supra - a heavier, much more serious feeling fountain pen. Far chunkier than the Kaweco Sport, the supra is made of solid machined brass, which will age and develop its own unique patina when handled over time. If you prefer the pristine look, then it can be polished back to its original glory.

The Supra is very clever. It has a removable mid-section, giving you the option to extend the barrel into a full-size pen. At full size the standard Kaweco Cartridge Converter will fit comfortably inside. If you prefer a shorter, lighter feel, then you can remove the middle section for a neater, more portable pen. At this size, the standard international Kaweco Cartridges will fit perfectly. The cap of the pen can be screwed on securely at the end while in use, which you'll find much more comfortable when using the pen without the midsection.

Depending on how you configure the Supra, you can find the perfect combination for your hand. The difference in size, length, and weight will change the feel as you write, so it's worth trying the pen in different combinations.

The beautifully large 250 Bock nib is made from stainless steel and looks suitably impressive when compared to the Kaweco Sport or Perkeo. It's a smooth writing, fine nib with consistent ink flow. This pen is truly a pleasure to use.
  • Solid machined brass
  • Measures 130mm closed / 165mm with cap posted
  • Fine nib
  • Presented in a metal gift tin

This pen comes fitted with a Fine nib. Have a look at our Kaweco Replacement Nibs to add a spare nib or a different width.