Geometric Origami Wreath Kit


This utterly unique geometric origami paper wreath will be all you need to keep you occupied this festive season. Made from high quality Colorplan paper in three shades of green, the wreath is made up of over 200 individual unit of origami. Each unit is easily folded, then the challenge is to connect them together to build the complete wreath. What better way to complete your paper wreath than with some red paper "berries", also included in the kit.

Store your completed wreath somewhere safe and you'll get to enjoy it year after year. (Ours is 15 years old!)

This kit contains the instructions and equipment needed to build your own origami paper wreath. Inside each kit, you will find:

  • Paper cut to size and ready to fold in three shades of green
  • Red paper for the berries
  • Full and detailed instructions for origami fold and build
  • Includes a bone folder for sharp creases
  • Ribbon for hanging your completed wreath

Please note - this is intermediate to advanced origami and only for the brave!