Dark Calligraphy Practice Pad


A stunning new addition to our calligraphy practice papers, this new Dark Calligraphy Practice Pad is perfect for metallic and white inks. With a beautifully foiled, cool gold cover, the pad contains 3 different shades of dark tones: Imperial Blue, Slate and Racing Green. Each colour comes as x 6 letterpress printed practice sheets and x 6 plain pages.

Practice your letterforms on the letterpress practice lines, delicately printed in subtle white ink. Then use the plain sheets in the second half of the pad to create your own artwork. Each pad is glue bound so you can easily pull out the individual sheets as needed. 

FineTec metallic inks absolutely shine on this paper. This works particularly well with our brand new Pearl Fine Tec Kit (coming soon!). If you're looking for a wonderfully opaque white to use, Dr Ph Martin’s Pen White Ink stands out beautifully on this paper. 

  • 7x10'' (177x254mm)
  • 36 pages in total
  • Delicately printed letterpress practice lines on half the pad (x 6 printed pages of each colour)
  • Plain colour pages in the second half (x6 plain pages of each colour)
  • Colorplan 135gsm
  • Folds once to fit a 7x5" envelope, such as our Marvellous Envelopes.
  • Labelled with A, X and D heights
    • x-height for lower case letters such as a, c, e.
    • A for ascender height (lower case letters with ascending strokes such as b, d, l, k) and upper case letters.
    • D for descender heights (lowercase letters with descending strokes such as g, j, y).
  • The diagonal dotted lines show the angle of your lettering.

All our products are illustrated, designed and printed in house at Meticulous Ink, Bath, UK. Each practice pad has been lovingly letterpress and foil printed in cool gold on a 1960 Heidelberg Windmill using only the finest oil based inks. Each pad is collated, cut and glue bound by hand by our tiny team.