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Vintage Nibs


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Our exclusive and limited range of rare and vintage nibs includes: 


• Leonardt & Co  - Ball Pointed No 537m Gilt

 Established in 1856, Leonardt & Co nibs were very popular in South America and Eastern Europe, and the company made pens for the king of Italy. The business is still going, now producing precision presswork. A surprise pleasure to use, though it is ball pointed the nib has excellent flex, thus creates good thicker downward strokes. Nice and smooth upward strokes.


• Leonardt & Co - Penna Pato No 236F

My favourite nib of this batch (I'm keeping lots of these). Highly pointed and super sharp, though there is no hole it holds plenty of ink and allows extremely fine lines. This nib really wants to flourish.


• Joseph Gillotts - Resistan no 1178

Joseph Gillotts began pen making in 1827 and made various important changes in the way that dip pens were produced - from elongating the tip of the nib, to adding slits to the nib to increase flexibility. In 1961 Joseph Gillotts was acquired by British Pens. A really beautiful nib to look at, with its 1920s curves. This is a ball pointed nib, thus is quite hard to keep a consistent monoline.


• Goode & Co Primrose Steel Nib

Goode & Co was a steel nib distributor and the name that Perry & Co used for their pens exported to Russia. A little irregular and takes a while to break in. Holds quite a bit of ink once it gets going, very pleasurable to write with.


• Geo W. Hughes - No 1240 F Flight Commander Pen

 George W. Hughes founded the business in 1860 in Birmingham and proclaimed themselves of only making pens of the highest quality thanks to his knowledge of metallurgy. This nib is slightly wider, perfect for italic and round-hand writing.


• Universal School Pen - The Victor Series

Unknown history - this is a slightly more flexible nib, perfect for a consistently thicker downward stroke.