Tombow Liner PGSX Refillable Drawing & Writing Pen



Another pen rescued recently from a closed stationery shop, these totally brilliant and ever so clever fine-liner pens are refillable and come in an array of specific nib widths, so you can choose the perfect line weight for your project. Replacement nibs are also available to keep your lines, drawings and lettering perfectly neat and tidy.

Use the Tombow Special Pigment ink (which is waterproof and fade resistant) with these pens for long lasting ink flow and easy refilling. (Please note, the pens do not come with ink.)

• To fill, remove the the barrel and clip into the bottom of the ink bottle for stability.

• Place the reservoir into the ink with the nib pointing upwards into the air. For the first fill we'd recommend removing the reservoir from the nib section and placing it upside down into the ink for around 10 minutes. When refilling 3 minutes is sufficient.

• Remove reservoir from the ink and wipe off any excess ink from the side of the reservoir.

Full instructions are included with each pen, along with how to change and adjust the nib to your personal preference.

A recent review from one of our customers: "It is a really splendid pen and seems to work smoothly even if I don’t use it for several days." - Fiona