FineTec Metallic Ink - Individual Colours

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FineTec metallic inks are highly pigmented, opaque, and beautifully shiny thanks to a natural mineral called mica. Available in wide range of lovely shimmery metallic colours and iridescent shades, they work really nicely on both light and dark papers.

This mineral offers a lightfast, permanent, and wonderfully vibrant ink and as they're waterproof when dry, they're excellent for use with calligraphy and brush lettering. They work beautifully with the Blue Pumpkin Nib.

These lovely inks arrive solid, so are great for portability. 

How to use: Add a little water to your selected palette using a pipette and leave for a minute or so.  The palettes can then be mixed with a paint brush much like a watercolour to achieve the desired consistency. Apply to the back of your nib with a brush. Once you are finished, simply let the palette dry and it’s ready to use again.

Available colours:

  • Gold Pearl
  • Moon Gold
  • Golden Orange
  • Bronze
  • Rose Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Red Violet
  • Blackberry
  • Midnight Blue
  • Peacock Blue
  • Moss Green
  • Fiji
  • Mermaid
  • Unicorn

Have a look at our video tutorial below: