Ferris Wheel Press Fountain Pen Ink



We're thrilled to introduce this absolutely beautiful range of fountain pen inks by Canadian stationery company Ferris Wheel Press. Described as a reminder of "the magic of writing", these inks are designed to be inspiring and a joy to write with.

The large circular bottle holds a substantial 85ml of ink and is capped by a sturdy hexagonal brass top. The ornate, gold lettering applied directly on the bottle has a wonderfully carnival feel. And that's only one part of the sumptuous packaging: the ink bottle comes in a velvet travel pouch that is colour coded to match the ink. It's then housed in a cylindrical card box that has been beautifully printed on every surface (including underneath!).

The inks are water-based and compatible with any fountain pen. Available in 12 stunning colours, each with an appropriately excellent name. Please note the colour samples viewed on screen are approximate only, but they are all lovely! 

Designed and made in Canada.