Blackwing Volumes Vol.651 Limited Edition Pencils


Blackwing pencils are famous for their quality of graphite, craftsmanship, and iconic shape. Each quarter a special, limited edition set of pencils is released with a unique design.

Volume 651, is a tribute to Bruce Lee, perhaps most famous for his movie roles and martial arts, but also a philosophical thinker. Lee coined the art of Jeet Kune Do, which championed simplicity and freedom of expression. The simple black and yellow barrel and bold yellow rubber are meant to echo the straightforward approach of his philosophy and the number 651 pays homage to the location of Lee's first school.

The rubbers can be swapped out, perfect for when one needs replacing, or just to change up the colour. Rubbers available in packs of 10.

Have a look at the Blackwing Point Guard to protect your pencil tips and keep those pencil cases clean!