Blackwing Volume 93 Box Set


Blackwing pencils are famous for their quality of graphite, craftsmanship and iconic shape. Each quarter a special, limited edition set of pencils is released with a unique design.

Volume 93, The Corita Kent Pencil, pays homage to artist, educator, and social justice advocate Corita Kent. Corita believed that art could be a tool for dialogue, reflection and change. Corita was chair of the Art Department of the Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles and taught her student the importance of slowing down and being present in their work and in their lives. This message permeated her work throughout her life.

Each of the 12 pencils feature one of the six colourful brushstrokes that make up Corita's iconic 'rainbow swash'. Commissioned in 197-1, the rainbow swash adorns a 140 foot tall natural gas tank along interstate 93 in dorchester, Massachusetts. The pencils contain a balanced graphite core, and two of each colour is included.

The rubbers can be swapped out, perfect for when one needs replacing, or just to change up the colour. Rubbers available in packs of 10.

Have a look at the Blackwing Point Guard to protect your pencil tips and keep those pencil cases clean!

We also have a limited number of the matching limited edition Blackwing Volume 93 Slate Notebook