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Advanced Calligraphy Kit

Advanced Calligraphy Kit


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This wonderful box contains everything you need to continue your love of copperplate style calligraphy. You'll get to practice elaborate capital letters, numbers and ampersands, plus a serif type using the same pen.

Inside you will find:

1 x Nib holder

1 x Flexible copperplate nib

2 x Original Meticulous Ink calligraphy practice sheets

4 x Wave Meticulous Ink calligraphy practice sheets

3 x Advanced Meticulous Ink Calligraphy guide sheets, including 'Elaborate Capitals' and 'Numbers and Punctuation'

1 x Pot of Iron Gall Meticulous Ink


This delight comes packed in a beautifully ribboned box and is perfect as a gift for a keen calligrapher wanting to expand their calligraphic tools.