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Noodler's Konrad Flex Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

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*We will no longer be stocking Noodler's brand pens, so this is the last of it! 100% of your purchase of any Noodler's ink or pen will be donated to Black Lives Matter. *

The brilliant Konrad fountain pen by Noodler's with a flexible, tipped nib and clear body. It's a dream combination of the portability and ease of use of a fountain pen with the beautiful stroke weight flexibility of a dip pen!

This fountain pen features a steel flexible nib, a screw cap and a twist piston mechanism inside for easy filling of ink. Based on a German piston filling mechanism used since the 1950s, this pen is designed to last. The parts can be replaced as needed, including the nib, the piston sealing ring and the clip.

As with a dip pen, apply slight pressure on your downstrokes which will spread the nib and give you that thicker line width. We've found it works best when writing relatively slowly so that the ink flow can keep up. Use with Noodler's Inks or with any other fountain pen ink.

Measuring approximately 13cm when closed and just under 15cm when posted ready for use, the Konrad is a perfect size for portability and also features a handy clip.

    The Noodler's flex pens are designed for tinkering, taking apart and experimenting with. The nib and feed pull out and can be adjusted for different ink flows - the box comes with a wonderfully geeky information sheet full of details. Don't be afraid to get inky fingers as you play around with it! We stock spare nibs, a pack of art nibs and replacement components such as the feed and piston o-ring.

    We recommend giving the pen a good flush before use: you can use water with a touch of washing up liquid or a special pen cleaning solution. Due to the eco-friendly vegetal resin the clear pen is made of, it does have a distinctive smell. While it does generally fade with time, disassembling and washing the pen then leaving it in direct sunlight or covering it in baking soda can make the smell dissipate faster.