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Limited Edition Green Midori Brass Pen


Regular price £40.00

This unique brass ballpoint pen from Midori is now available in a limited edition factory green.

Made in Tokyo, Japan, the colour is inspired by the green used in many manufacturing settings for doors, floors and shelves to evoke a sense of safety and calm, as well as the colour of the presses and metal cutters used in the Midori factories themselves.

Each pen has black ink inside its wooden casing and is easily refillable. It features a solid brass clip holder and ring at the top for a keychain, rope or simply to place on a hook. This compact ballpoint pen is a great tool to have with you at all times!

The paint hue will change and wear over time to develop a uniquely beautiful, hard wearing look, just like the green of the machinery that was used to make it has darkened from years of oil and hard work.

Size: approx 9.8 cm when capped, approx 13.6 cm when cap is posted for writing.