Ferris Wheel Press Box of Fascinations Ink Charger Ensemble


We're thrilled to introduce this absolutely beautiful range of fountain pen inks by Canadian stationery company Ferris Wheel Press. Described as a reminder of "the magic of writing", these inks are designed to be inspiring and a joy to write with.

This Box of Fascinations includes 20 individual 5ml charger vials of fountain pen ink colours curated from the full Ferris Wheel Press ink collection. Presented in a bright and joyful yellow box, you'll be able to choose a different colour whenever the mood takes.


  • Tanzanite Sky
  • Jelly Bean Blue
  • Duck in Bloom
  • Three Steamboats
  • Mirror Mirror of Moraine
  • Bluegrass Velvet
  • Misguided Mistletoe  (metallic ink)
  • Moss Park Green
  • Frivolous Lime
  • Freshly Squeezed Sunshine
  • Goose Poupon
  • Autumn in Auburn
  • Sparkling Champagne (metallic ink)
  • Definitely Peachy
  • Lady Rose
  • Algonquin Maple
  • Double Raspberry
  • Royal Rhubarb
  • Wondrous Winterberry   (metallic ink)
  • Candy Marsala

The inks are water-based and compatible with any fountain pen. The fabulous Ferris Wheel Fountain Pen comes complete with a cartridge converter ready for you to use. Alternatively we stock the Kaweco Standard International Converter. Please note the colour viewed on screen are approximate only, but they are all lovely! 

Designed and made in Canada.