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Blackwing Vol. 155 Limited Edition Pencils


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Blackwing pencils are famous for their quality of graphite, craftsmanship and iconic shape. The Blackwing Vol. 155 is a glorious limited edition pencil by Blackwing, paying tribute to Wassily Kandinksy and the Bauhaus movement.

In 1923, Kandinsky performed an experiment to prove his theory that there was a universal analogy between shape and colour. Participants were asked to assign one of the three primary colours to one of three simple shapes. Results were surprisngly consistent: a blue circle, a red square and a yellow triangle. These shapes and colours have since become synonymous with the Bauhaus style and are the inspiration for the Blackwing 155.

The 12 pencils in the box are each individual, with the shapes in slightly different places. Finshed with a smooth, matt black ferrule holds a bright yellow rubber.

Complete the set with a replacement set of rubbers with all 4 matching colours.