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Calligraphy Practice Pad


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The ultimate companion to all budding calligraphers and hand letterers. This beautifully foiled and letterpress printed item is an integral part of practicing your lettering techniques and letterforms.

• 7x10" (177x 254mm)
• 35 pages, each page delicately letterpress printed.
• Our own Walcot Wove paper, 160gsm, 100% cotton.
• Labelled with A, X and D heights - x height for lower case letters a, c, e. A for Ascender (lower case letters d, l, k) and upper case, then D for Descender letters (g, j, y).
• The diagonal dotted lines show the angle of your lettering.

All our products are illustrated, designed and printed in house at Meticulous Ink, Bath, UK. Each practice pad has been lovingly letterpress and foil printed in copper on a 1960 Heidelberg Windmill using only the finest oil based inks. We use 100% cotton paper and each pad is glue bound by hand.