Ferris Wheel Press Fountain Pen

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We're thrilled to introduce these exquisite Ferris Wheel Press fountain pens to accompany our bold and colourful Ferris Wheel Press inks. Canadian stationery company Ferris Wheel Press seek to bring nostalgia and decadence to their stationery, and certainly achieve that here. 

With a smooth, glossy body to mimic the shape of an artists brush, the pen sits comfortably in the hand. The fine luxurious nib and gold grip are beautifully engraved and make it a real delight to write with.

Each pen is handmade using copper, brass and stainless steel to give the pen an even weight and durability. This fountain pen is made to last a lifetime, and provides a very special writing experience.

The bolt-like gold screw cap keeps the lid secure and matches wonderfully with the lid of the Ferris Wheel ink bottle. Care instructions are included on the box to ensure your fountain pen lasts a lifetime.

A refillable cartridge is included, meaning that you can fill your fountain pen up straight from our selection of bottled inks. Choose from Ferris Wheel Press' own brand of inks or historic J. Herbin inks. 

Presented in a colourful display box and protected in a velvet pouch, these fountain pens make a very special gift for a loved one, or as a treat for yourself.

Designed and made in Canada.